Real impact

Over the years we have work on many different projects for very exiting businesses and clients. Leading a global procurement organisation or participating in a local project, and many other interim assignments. Below we list a few examples with a reference from the client.

Interim procurement director – global business – locations in 3 countries

For Royal Philips her Mother & Child Care business group Avent we filled the interim procurement director role for 7 months. During this period procurement was in a reorganisation, part of a McKinsey cost-drive project, we moved our Hong Kong office to Shanghai and we participated in 10+ projects for new baby products. From the intern Philips population we search & selected our permanent successor and recruited an external interim procurement project lead. This project gave highly satisfied clients at Philips.

 “We are extremly satisfied with the delivered results and would love to recruit you in a permanent position. Great to see how you created a high quality service and mindset in procurement while at the same time resisting the pressure from corporate to interfere in our processes. Procurement did strongly improve her position in our organization in a very short time frame.

VP Innovation Mother & Child Care

Interim procurement management – EMEA HRM procurement

Medtronic hire us to set-up HRM procurement for EMEA. In 12 months we laid the foundation for HRM procurement and ran several tenders from A to Z for recruitment, temporary labour, payrolling and outplacement. In colaboration with the EMEA procurement director of Medtronic we search and delivered a permanent replacement. This purchaser has proven to be a good choice and has recently been promoted to Senior Director Supply Chain EMEA, still at Medtronic.

I would like to thank Paul Simmeren, who did a great job in setting up the Category Professional Services & Personnel, from scratch. Paul has created the foundation for future projects and savings in this area.

Director Procurement EMEA

Interim procurement project Smart Meters – Dutch grid company

Enexis contacted us for a strong procurement representative in a combined European Tender project for Smart Meters in the Netherlands and requested us to replace the current interim purchaser in the project. In this project we represented procurement of Enexis during the tender for DSMR 4 smart meters, supplier audits, contracting, benchmark studies and some smaller tenders related to smart meters.

I want to express my compliments for your contribution. Clear message as an answer to the research questions. More an outside-in approach than we used to. A lot of work and data was consolidated in a short time in an understandable and presentable form. I know how difficult that is: today I send you a long letter because I had not the time for a short one.”

CPO Dutch grid company